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Romulus Police Department, 11165 Olive Street 


FAX NUMBER MAIN: 734-941-3251

The work of a Public Safety Dispatcher can become very hectic when many calls come in at the same time. The job of Public Safety Dispatchers is particularly stressful because a slow or improper response to a call can result in serious injury or further harm. Communication skills and the ability to work under pressure are important qualities for a dispatcher. Dispatchers work 24/7  weekends and holidays.

Police, Fire and 911 dispatchers, also called safety dispatchers or 911 operators. They monitor the city of Romulus emergency services personnel inside our jurisdiction.  These workers dispatch the appropriate number of units in response to calls for assistance. The dispatcher, or call taker, often is the first person the public contacts when emergency assistance is required.  If certified for emergency medical services, the dispatcher may provide first-aid instruction to those on the scene of the emergency until the medical staff arrives. 

The Police/Fire and 911 Dispatchers work at the police department in a communication center. When handling calls, dispatchers question each caller carefully to determine the type, seriousness, and location of the emergency.  The information obtained is posted electronically by computer in a computer aided dispatch system otherwise known as (CAD).  The dispatcher quickly decides the priority of the incident, the type and number of units needed and any other service providers.  For example, a police dispatcher also monitors the response of the fire department when there is a major fire. In a medical emergency, dispatchers keep a close eye not only with the dispatched units, but also the caller.