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Romulus Police Department, 11165 Olive Street 

Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division of the Romulus Police Department consists of 51 sworn officers and 8 civilian dispatchers. We are tasked with providing service to an area of 30 square miles that surrounds the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The demographics of our city reflect directly on the Airport. We have an expanding resident population. We have over 20 major hotels within our boundaries. Interstates 94 and 275 both run through our borders. We are the home to countless freight and trucking companies ... all of which keep our department very active.

Our department functions under the 3-shift platoon system.  Each shift consists of a Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant, at least 10 patrol officers and 2 dispatchers. One command officer is always available during each shift and can be reached through our dispatch center.

Our Uniform Patrol Division received 42,878 calls for service which averages to about 1 call every 12 minutes and wrote 5,965 police reports in 2008.  Approximately 814 of which were accidents.  We boast a fleet of 24 marked patrol units. Each patrol unit is equipped with a computer, a radar unit and mobile video camera systems. The video system allows officers to record traffic infractions, complaints and all other contacts with citizens.