Water Billing Information

11111 Wayne Road Romulus, Michigan  48174

If you have any questions concerning your utility bill please contact the Water Dept. Telephone: 734-942-7560

Fax: 734-941-3296

Business Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Suzanne B. Moreno, Director smoreno@romulusgov.com

Abbie Akins, Assistant Director aakins@romulusgov.com  

Billing Dates: All bills for water and sewer service to the user shall be paid within twenty-one (21) days from the postmarked date of billing.

Go Paperless! Receive your bill through email only. Any other notices will be sent through traditional postal services. This service will add convenience and flexibility. E-mail your information to waterbilling@romulusgov.com or contact us at (734) 942-7560. Save the environment!

Online Bill Lookup: Click here and type in your address at the top. You have 24/7 access to your account activity!

All payments MUST BE RECEIVED in the Treasurer’s Office on or before the due date. A 10% penalty shall apply the day following the due date. 

Failure to receive bill does not waive penalty according to Section 62-361(c) of the Water and Sewer Ordinance.

How Can I Pay My Water Bill?

In-Person at Romulus City Hall
Payments can be made Monday thru Friday 8:00 am until 4:00pm at City Hall (except on Holidays).

A drop box is located for your convenience at:
                                                      Romulus City Hall
                                                     11111 Wayne Road
                                                      Romulus, MI 48174
***Payments placed in the drop box will be credited to your account the following business day.

Pay online using our simple form here. Note there is a service fee for this method of payment.

Direct Payment/Automatic Withdrawal (ACH)
Stop writing checks! You can now sign up for direct checking or savings account payment withdrawals for Water/Sewer billing. Just print & complete this form and mail or drop off the completed form to the Water Department at City Hall.

Final Bill Request
At least 24 hours notice is needed to schedule an appointment to read the meter. A bill may be generated within 48 hours. 

Disconnection/Reconnection Information Due to Delinquincy
Notice of Delinquency for Disconnection: If, at any time a utility account balance equals $300.00 or more, it may be subject to shut off and/or become a lien against the property.

Once an account has been determined for shut off a service fee will apply. Payment in full is required. If full payment is not possible it will be necessary to contact the Water department immediately to discuss payment arrangement options.

Disconnection of Service:  If disconnection has occurred due to delinquency, full payment, including all service fees, will be required (CASH OR CERTIFIED FUNDS ONLY) prior to any reinstatement of service.

Re-connection of Service: If an account has been shut off for delinquency, service will not be reinstated for a period of twenty-four (24) hours from the time of shut-off, even if full payment has been rendered.

If reconnection to the System occurs by someone other than a City of Romulus Water Department employee, a special service charge will be applied to the account. If this continues, this special service charge shall be doubled and assessed for each instance.

Note About Returned Payments
Payments in any form on a utility account returned by the bank will be subject to immediate shut-off, especially in the case of delinquency. If shut off occurs, FULL PAYMENT, including all service fees, is required prior to reinstatement. Service will not be reinstated for a period of twenty-four (24) hours from the time of shutoff. 

How to Read My Water Bill

Previous Balance: This is an unpaid balance or overpayment brought forward and included in the total amount due.

"E" Read Type means Estimated Read.

"A" Read Type means Actual Read.

Service Period: Indicates the period between the previous reading date and the current reading date.

Current Reading: Current identifies the meter reading for the current billing period.

Previous Reading: Previous identifies the reading billed on the previous bill.

Usage/Consumption: Indicates the amount of water and/or sewer billed in 100 cubic feet for the current period.

Emergency Service

Request for Emergency Service: If an emergency situation arises after 4:00pm Monday thru Friday or on the weekends please call (734) 941-8400.

If any system service is requested after hours and is not considered an emergency by the Department, the requesting account will be billed according to the charges calculated by the Department of Public Works. If this bill is not paid, it will be added to the utility account and will be subject to shut-off and/or become a lien on the property.