Mayor Biography

Mayor Robert McCraight has called the City of Romulus home for most of his life. Generations of the McCraight family have led lives of service and have given back to their country and community serving in the military, volunteering at their local church, serving on the paid on-call fire departmentworking for the school district and as City employees.

Prior to being elected, Mayor McCraight served as the City’s Director of Economic Development and Public Services, which included the responsibilities of Chief Building Official, Director of Building and Safety and Public Services departments, and Administrative Liaison to the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, DDA and TIFA.  Mayor McCraight has continued his work in those areas, increasing focus on blight removal, seeking new development that benefits the citizens of Romulus, bringing jobs to the community and increased commercial tax base.

Mayor McCraight and his administration are proud to have welcomed the state of the art Kroger Fulfillment Center, Ford Ion, Ginosko Modular, and currently under construction the Romulus Trade Center which will include much needed retail on the frontage of the site benefitting the residents and workforce in Romulus.  .  

To date, Romulus has had an unprecedented number of new single family structures built during Mayor McCraight’s tenure.  At the close of 2022, Romulus added 91 new single family structures in the community and that number is on track to double at the end of 2023.  

Focused on “telling the Romulus story”, Mayor McCraight is actively working with legislators representing Romulus at all levels of government.   Mayor McCraight has instituted meetings that include personal tours of the city, sharing all that is unique about Romulus and seeking assistance for the needs in the community.  

The McCraight administration has worked tirelessly to secure all available grant funding providing financial support for public safety personnel and equipment, road improvements, park enhancements and through grant funding founded the Romulus Business Incubator formally known as the NEST located in downtown Romulus assisting existing businesses and new entrepreneurs across the community.

During his nearly twenty-five years of service in the City of Romulus, Mayor McCraight has had the privilege and opportunity to give back to his community outside of his day-to-day work with the City. Mayor McCraight is a proud graduate of Romulus Community Schools and recognizes a strong school district is paramount to a strong community.  In that spirit, Mayor McCraight is working with the school district and more importantly providing opportunity and support to the youngest Romulus residents, who are our future leaders and service providers.

Prior to taking office and while in office, Mayor McCraight has also been actively involved in bringing several events and activities to the annual Wreaths Across America honoring Romulus veterans at our historic cemetery, the ever popular Curling Royale, community horse shoe events, softball games, and in 2022 implemented a Patriots Day celebration in downtown Romulus.   

Raised in a military family, a personal passion for Mayor McCraight is the community’s active-duty service members and veterans. Mayor McCraight is the co-founder of the Romulus Veterans Outreach Coalition, which focuses on service projects for Romulus veterans, and supports other organizations and programs for combat veterans suffering from PTSD.

Mayor McCraight’s accolades include receiving the Veterans of Foreign War Distinguished Service Award, being named the 34th Romulus Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year and in 2023 selected amongst his peers by the Southeastern Michigan Council of Government (SEMCOG) as a scholarship recipient from the Taubman Foundation to attend the John F. Kennedy Business School Executive Training at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts.   

When he is not working or volunteering, Mayor McCraight can be found spending time with his wife Kendra, his children Garrett and Lauren, and his grandchildren Declan, Dahlia, Ivy and Aidan.

Romulus, home of opportunity.