Disconnection & Reconnection Information

Delinquency for Disconnection

Notice of Delinquency for Disconnection if, at any time a utility account balance equals $300 or more, it may be subject to shut off and/or become a lien against the property. Once an account has been determined to shut off a service fee will apply. Payment in full is required. If full payment is not possible it will be necessary to contact the Water Department immediately to discuss payment arrangement options.

Disconnection of Service

If disconnection has occurred due to delinquency, full payment, including all service fees, will be required (cash or certified funds only) prior to any reinstatement of service.

Reconnection of Service

If reconnection to the System occurs by someone other than a City of Romulus Water Department employee, a special service charge will be applied to the account. If this continues, this special service charge shall be doubled and assessed for each instance.

Reconnection of Service

If an account has been shut off for delinquency, service will not be reinstated for a period of 24 hours from the time of shut-off, even if full payment has been rendered.