Charter & Ordinance Requirements

Charter Requirements

All bids (as required by Charter) are published in the City's official newspaper, and sections governing purchases at Chapter XIII, Sections 13.1, 13.2, 13.3, and 13.4.

Purchasing Ordinance

The Purchasing Ordinance was adopted in 2014 with the purpose of establishing the standards to be utilized by all city departments when purchasing goods or acquiring services. These standards provide for the efficient operation of the city and involve exercising responsible stewardship of city funds and promote the welfare of the public.

Formal Written Quotes

Formal written requests for quotes (RFQs) shall be sought from a minimum of three vendors when the acquisition cost of a single item or purchase shall equal or exceed $6,000 but less than the bid threshold of $12,000.

Bidding Thresholds

  • Purchases of materials, tools, etc. $12,000
  • Contracts for Public works or Improvements $30,000

Contract Approval Threshold

Proposed contract for any public work or improvement or for any purchase of a material or other good, the cost of which shall exceed $12,000, shall be entered into unless the same has been approved by a majority of the city council elect.