Bidder / Vendor Information

Prerequisites and Requirements for Purchasing

As required by the City's Auditors, all vendors, prior to doing business with any city department, must file a completed New Vendor Form (PDF) along with a W9 Form (PDF) with the Purchasing Department and be approved by the Purchasing Director.

Purchase Orders

Please be advised that the City issues purchase orders for all goods and services. Vendors are warned that processing orders without receiving a purchase order prior to performing any service or for the purchase of any goods are not authorized purchases. The issuing of a purchase order is a commitment by the City to remit to the issued vendor the services or items listed on the PO and in the dollar amount listed on the PO. Any invoice presented for payment that does not reflect a valid Purchase Order number may not be processed by the City for payment. Please be advised that the City will not remit payment for any unauthorized purchases.

Blanket Purchase Orders 

Blanket Purchase Orders are purchase orders issued with a start and expiration date and are issued for multiple purchases. Blanket POs are issued by the City to facilitate authorized employees, making purchases for small items required for the daily operation of their department. No single purchase made on a blanket purchase order can exceed $1,499.99. Employees should sign for and receive a copy of a receipt for each purchase. A statement of all purchases made each month should be mailed to the attention of the department issuing the Blanket PO. The statement should also reference the Purchase Order Number. Please be advised that the City will not remit payment for any unauthorized purchases.


All vendors, prior to doing business with the City, must present proof of all insurances, with the required limits of liability and copies of all required endorsements as required by the Purchasing Ordinance Section 39-15 or as required in the ITB or RFP documents.

Sales Tax

Do not include State of Michigan sales taxes on any purchases made by the City or in bid or proposal pricing. Bidders/Vendors requiring proof of the City's tax exemption can request a State of Michigan tax exemption certificate from the Finance Department, at 734-955-4561.