Domestic Violence


Hello, before we introduce the complete Wayne County Family Violence Handbook, we have provided the mission statement of the council that works to prevent family violence and a bit of the council's history. We hope you will find all of this material helpful.


Wayne County's Family Violence Council works to serve families, especially women and children, who have suffered from any encounter with domestic violence. The 35-person council draws its members from all fields - law enforcement, courts, social services, survivors, batterer intervention services, public health, health care, and education.

Positive changes in the law have also brought more responses from victims. Wayne County Family Violence Handbook.


The Council was formed in 1992 to make recommendations to and coordinate the efforts of Police Departments, the Prosecutor's Office, and service agencies in their approach to the problem of domestic violence in Wayne County. The Council will work towards facilitating the proper enforcement of the laws, policies, and procedures applicable to domestic violence situations.

The Council will provide direction by acquiring the support and or involvement of existing agencies and community programs already committed to addressing and resolving the problem of domestic/family violence, rather than establishing new services therefrom. The Council through an alliance of government, service providers, and community agencies will advocate for the development of a comprehensive, coordinated approach to reducing domestic/family violence in Wayne County.