File an Online Police Report

Report Requirements

The following reports can be made online (all other non-emergency reports can be reported to the police front desk at 734-941-8400:

  • Accidental/Non Intentional Property Damage
  • Barking / Nuisance Dog
  • Child Custody Violation.
  • Harassing Phone Calls/No known suspects/No Prosecution Sought.
  • Identity Theft
  • Larceny/Theft/No Known Suspects.
  • Lost Property.
  • Malicious Destruction of Damaged Property/Vandalism.
  • Private Property Traffic Crash/Parked Unattended, Returned to find had been struck.
  • Suspicious Situation
  • Threats/No Known Suspects/No Prosecution Sought.

In most cases, these reports will not be investigated. The report simply documents that you reported an incident to the Romulus Police Department. Once the report is reviewed and approved, you will be provided an incident report number.

Please make sure that you have all information needed at the time that you make your report. For example, for a private property traffic crash report, you will need your vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

What Report Should Include

Please provide thorough and accurate information. The details should include:

  • The timeframes in which the incident occurred.
  • How you became aware of the incident.
  • A description of what happened.
  • Location of the incident. (It is important that you confirm the incident actually occurred within the City of Romulus.)
  • If you are reporting a traffic crash and you are not sure of the exact location, locate a business nearest to that location and use that address.
  • Any vehicle, insurance, or account information that is needed depending on the type of incident report.

After Filing Report

You will be given a temporary reference number. You will not be able to obtain a copy of your report using the temporary reference number.

Your report will be reviewed within three to five business days. Once it is approved, you will receive an email with your incident number and instructions on how you can obtain a copy of your report.

Filing an Online Report

Please ensure that you have read all the information above before filing your online report.