Commercial & Industrial Building Permits

Obtaining Building Permit

Before any construction can begin, construction plans must be approved through the Department of Building and Safety, Department of Public Works, City Engineer, and Fire Department.

This requirement applies not only to new construction but also to any work that physically alters structures. It also covers any work regulated by the Michigan Building Codes and/or City Ordinances.

Your first step in obtaining a building permit will depend on the type of construction you are proposing.

Commercial Alterations, Renovations & Additions (Existing Buildings)

Construction, alterations, and renovations that do not require Planning Commission/Administrative Review Committee approval.

  • Submit a completed building permit application.
  • Submit the appropriate fee for plan review. The fee shall be verified with this Department before submission.
  • Submit 6 complete sets of prints and specifications for the proposed work. All construction documents must be signed and sealed by a State of Michigan licensed architect or engineer.
  • New Commercial, Industrial Buildings and Additions Information (PDF)

Submit Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit Application. Application/submittal shall be made to Wayne County Department of Environment, whom you may call at 734-326-3936. Copies of the S.E.S.C. permit or waiver will be required to be submitted to the Building Department. 

Upon approval of the application, submit the building permit fee: $50 (administration fee) plus $15 for each $1,000 cost of construction or fraction thereof.