Park Rental Information

Rental Instructions

The Parks and Recreation Department rents out five different parks, plus two baseball fields, and two dog parks. Call 734-942-7545 to check on the availability of Romulus parks. An application will need to be filled out at the Community Development Department located at the Romulus City Hall. You can also download the application and send it to The Parks and Recreation Department recommends viewing the parks before coming in and making a payment. 

Park Rental Application

2022 Park Rental Application (PDF)

Park Rental Prices

  • Deposit $25
  • Elmer Johnson Park Pavilion Rental Only $100
  • Elmer Johnson Pavilion and Baseball Field B $180
  • Elmer Johnson Baseball Field Only $80
  • Mary Ann Banks Pavilion (Bathrooms) $125
  • Historical Park Pavilion $100
  • St. John's Number 44 Park $100
  • St. John's Pavilion and Baseball Field $180
  • St. John's Baseball Field Only $80
  • Fernandez Park Pavilion $100
  • Non-Resident Additional Fee $25

Private Use / Special Event

  • Elmer Johnson's Dog Park $80
  • Oakbrook Dog Park $80