Home Owner & Residential Permits


The contractor you hire to complete a home construction project should be the person who pulls the permit from the city.

If a contractor asks you to pull a permit, we would ask that you consider the following information:

  • If you have a contractor, they may be trying to absolve themselves from liability and responsibility for quality and workmanship
  • Your contractor may not be licensed
  • Homeowner permits are not cheaper than contractor permits
  • Homeowner permits are not processed quicker
  • You will be held to the same standards and inspection requirements as a contractor
  • The City of Romulus will not be able to intervene in disputes between you and your contractor
  • You will be responsible for correcting any deficiencies or violations in work performed under the permit

Obtaining Residential Permits

Permit applications are available at the Department of Building and Safety. The time needed to process the application is determined by the complexity of the work. Guidelines for specific projects are available at the office counter.

Residential Permit Requirements

Before any construction can begin, construction plans must be approved and a building permit must be secured through the Department of Building and Safety.

Permits apply not only to new construction but also to any work that physically alters a structure. The permit also covers any work regulated by the Michigan Residential Building code along with any additional applicable City Ordinances. The first step in obtaining a building permit will depend upon the type of construction you are proposing.

Residential Additions, Alterations, & Accessory

  • Submit three copies of drawings and/or blueprints, They shall depict all elevations, floor plans, construction, foundation information, electrical drawings, heating/cooling, and plumbing layouts. One copy will be retained by the Building Department and one copy returned to the applicant.
  • Submit one copy of a plot plan and building permit application.
  • Submit a copy of the State of Michigan Residential Builders License and State of Michigan photo I.D./driver license when an applicant is a contractor and/or photo I.D./driver license when an applicant is a homeowner.

Additional Information

Buildings New Single Family Residences (PDF)