Site Drainage Requirements

Single Family Residential Building Sites

  • A site drainage plan that bears the seal and signature of a Civil Engineer or Land Surveyor registered to practice in the State of Michigan must be supplied.
  • Required Elevations (USG.S. Datum) Existing and proposed grades around the perimeter of the lot
  • Existing and proposed grades at building corners Proposed first-floor finish elevation
  • Finish grades at adjacent buildings
  • Sidewalks Ditch lines Road centerline and edge surrounding area 100 feet beyond site limits (contours in 1-foot intervals or elevations to 0.1 feet on a grid of 50 feet or less, as required) 200 feet beyond the site - commercial and industrial site.
  • Dimensions to be Shown Setbacks and side yards of adjacent buildings
  • Proposed setbacks and side yards Site boundaries

Additional Information

  • Property description Bench Mark (USG.S. Datum)
  • Right-of-Way width
  • Type and width of road surface
  • Proposed drainage pattern
  • Proposed driveways and drainage grades Location and size of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main Indicate sump pump location and system or means of disposal
  • Site Drainage Plan Requirements (PDF)