Public Works


The Romulus Public Works Department is responsible for a variety of services including:

  • Ash tree removal procedures and practices
  • Driveway permits
  • Inspection procedures for contractors and haulers
  • Permitting for contractors and haulers
  • Permitting for road and infrastructure maintenance
  • Recycling
  • Rubbish removal
  • Sidewalk access throughout the City
  • Snow removal
  • Street sweeping services
  • Yard waste removal

Public Works manages, maintains, repairs/renews, or installs all public infrastructure within the corporates limits of the City of Romulus. An example of this includes but is not limited to, water mains, sanitary sewers, storm drains, open ditches, water/sewer taps, routine road maintenance, winter maintenance, and traffic services. The Department is also responsible for the maintenance of all City facilities and grounds as well as the City-owned and operated Cemetery.

Water & Sewer Division

Manages the reading and maintaining of the City's water meter system for approximately 8,000 services. Also installs new meters and performs shut-offs due to delinquent accounts. Maintains and repairs all City-owned fire hydrants. This division also takes care of all water main breaks and plugged public sanitary sewers.

Under the Permits and Inspections Department, reviews underground construction for all new City Projects, and performs on-site inspections of infrastructure installations involving several levels of approvals prior to acceptance. Troubleshoots both existing and new infrastructure construction. Establishes permit requirements for projects and bond/liability/insurance requirements for contractors and developers for the protection of the Community.

Roads Division

Ice and snow removal and the salting of the City-owned streets and roads are handled by this Division. Surface repairs (potholes) as well as some limited paving projects. Road grading of unpaved roadways, clearing plugged roadside ditches, roadside cutting of vegetation for traffic control purposes, traffic services such as street signs, traffic control signs, etc., and the maintenance and repairs to catch basins/storm drains.

Road Hazards

Report hazards on Wayne County Roads online or call 888-762-3273.

Building & Grounds Division

The Building and Grounds Divisions maintains all public buildings and City parks. They serve as our Forestry Department where they manage the tree chipping service and City easement tree cutting off dead or diseased trees.

They have cut and removed approximately 400 Emerald Ash trees as a result of the Emerald Ash Borer infestation since 2002. This Division also cuts the lawns at all City facilities and boulevards. The City-owned Cemetery is maintained by our Building and Grounds Division as well as performing the actual burials at the Cemetery.

Fleet Management

The City's Mechanics are responsible for maintenance and repairs to all City Vehicles and equipment including both Fire and Police vehicles.