Snow Removal


A snow emergency may be declared by the Mayor of the City of Romulus when 3 inches or more of snow has fallen within a given period of time. During such emergencies, residents are required to remove any vehicle from the city right-of-way. Failure to do so could result in vehicles being towed and/or ticketed.

Major roads and school bus routes are plowed first, followed by secondary roads and subdivisions. Declarations of snow emergencies are broadcast on the City's cable TV service. Call 734-942-7579 with questions.

City of Romulus Snow Removal Policy for Severe Weather Events

The Department of Public Works will focus on clearing main roads and main access streets into our local subdivisions. Once the main roads and access streets are cleared, the DPW will focus on secondary streets within our local subdivisions. 

In the likelihood of a snow emergency being declared, we ask that you remove your vehicle from the road to allow snow plow drivers to efficiently and safely do their jobs. Vehicles that are left in the street during a declared snow emergency may be subject to ticket and tow.

The City of Romulus will notify the public immediately through local news outlets, Facebook, cable channel, and website if and when a snow emergency is in effect.


Snow Removal Ordinance (LINK)


Sec. 58-128. Definitions.

The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this division, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning: 

Motor vehicle means any vehicle that is self-propelled including, but not limited to, automobiles, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, buses and snowmobiles. 

Parking means leaving a vehicle or trailer, whether occupied or not, upon a public street or highway when not loading, unloading or making necessary emergency repairs. 

Street or highway means the entire width between the boundary lines of every publicly maintained way when any part thereof is opened to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel. 

Trailer means any vehicle, with or without motor power, designed for carrying property or persons and for being drawn by a motor vehicle. 

(Code 1999, § 35-691; Ord. of 3-14-1978, § I)


Sec. 58-129. Parking restrictions.

It shall be unlawful for any person to park, or to allow to remain parked, any vehicle on any street in this city either upon which there has accumulated snow or ice to a depth of three inches or more, or during emergencies as declared by the mayor of the city. 

(Code 1999, § 35-692; Ord. of 3-14-1978, § II; Ord. of 2-2-1982, § 2(a))


Sec. 58-130. Towing.

The police chief shall have the authority to tow away any unlawfully parked vehicles at the owner's expense when in violation of this division. 

(Code 1999, § 35-693; Ord. of 3-14-1978, § II; Ord. of 2-2-1982, § 2(b))