City Ordinance, Chapter 52

Section 52-27 Sidewalk Maintenance

All sidewalks within the city shall be kept and maintained in good repair and free of any trees or bushes that may interfere with the use of the sidewalk by the owner of the land adjacent to and abutting upon the same; and if any owner shall neglect to keep and maintain the sidewalk along the front, rear or side of the land owned by him in good repair and safe for the use of the public, the owner shall be liable to the city for any damages recovered against the city sustained by any person by reason of the sidewalk being unsafe and out of repair.

The owner, person, or entities occupying or in control of premises with a public sidewalk in front of or adjacent to such premises, are required to keep such sidewalks free and clear of all accumulations of snow in excess of two inches and reasonably free of all ice within 48 hours after the snowfall or ice accumulation so as to render the sidewalks safe for persons walking thereon. All persons occupying premises who have physical health problems that would prevent them from removing snow and ice accumulations shall see that the above snow and ice accumulations are removed from the premises within 72 hours after the snowfall or ice accumulations. All snowfall accumulations will be measured by the official snowfall reported at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. If the owner or occupant fails to comply with this requirement, the city may remove the snow or ice and charge the cost against the property owner which may be added to the property tax as provided by state law or ordinances of the city.