Cross Connection Information


The Romulus Department of Public Works has implemented a state-mandated Residential Cross Connection Plumbing Program for all commercial and residential properties. Commercial inspections are conducted annually. Residential inspections are conducted every five years.

This program is required by the State of Michigan through the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act; PA 399 of 1976, Part 14 which requires any public water supply system to have a comprehensive cross connection control program for the elimination and prevention of all cross connections. A Cross Connection is any arrangement of piping in a building's plumbing system that could result in the backflow of contaminants into the public drinking water supply system.

The most common source of residential cross connection is a garden hose. For example, the end of the hose might be submerged in a non-potable (undrinkable) source or it might be connected to a fertilizer sprayer. If the system's water pressure drops, contaminated water could get sucked back into your water pipes, which could pose a health risk to you and your family.


Romulus' Cross Connection Program is being implemented by Hydrocorp. If you have questions regarding the program you can call them at 844-493-7641 or you can call Public Works at 734-942-7579.

Backflow Prevention

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy mandated Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Program is a measure to help protect our drinking water supply. Cross connections can occur and potentially contaminate the public water system, anywhere the drinking water system is connected to any non-drinkable source.

The program requires that all commercial and residential property owners implement backflow prevention measures to avoid contamination. Some common examples of prevention measures are outdoor faucets should be equipped with hose bib vacuum breakers to prevent back-siphonage and irrigation systems should have backflow devices installed on them.


State of Michigan Cross Connection Brochure (PDF)