The City Clerk plays a critical role in the administration and operation of local government.  As the primary point of contact, the Clerk's Office acts as the bridge to connect residents to their government.

The mission of the Office of the City Clerk is to build trust and confidence by promoting transparency through prompt access to public records, safe and secure administration of election system processes, and providing quality customer service to everyone who interfaces with the City.

The various duties and responsibilities of the Office of the City Clerk are as follows:


The City Clerk is the elections administrator for the City and conducts all local, county, state, and federal elections in accordance with Michigan Election Law and is responsible for the programming of computers used in the election process, testing the equipment, issuing ballots, and hiring the necessary assistants and workers for such elections.


The Clerk's office is empowered with and responsible for administering of all oaths required by State Statute, Charter, and local ordinances.

Document Archives

While all official documents do not originate within the Clerk's office, as a document works its way through the system, its final destination is the Clerk's office. The Clerk is in charge of and has supervisory control of all the records in the City.

Acting as the keeper of the City Seal, affixing it to all documents, records, contracts, and agreements requiring a seal and attesting to same by signature.

Freedom of Information Act

Coordinate all Freedom of Information requests to ensure timely responses.

Cemetery Sexton

The City Clerk is the "cemetery officer" and Sexton of the Romulus Memorial Cemetery, charged with the day-to-day operations of the cemetery which include housing cemetery records, the sale of plots, and coordination of burial services/arrangements, The City Clerk works in collaboration with and serves as clerk of the Romulus Board of Cemetery Trustees who propose maintenance, preservation, and management of the Romulus Memorial Cemetery. 

City Council

Acting as the Clerk of Council, keeping a permanent record of official City Council actions, and performing other duties as directed by the Council. 

Other Responsibilities

Issuing and signing all business and operating licenses, requesting payment of bills, invoices, and expenses incurred by the City, which are then reviewed, audited, and countersigned by the City Clerk.Romulus, home of opportunity.

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