Romulus Cemetery


The historical land now known as the Romulus Memorial Cemetery was once called Blair Cemetery.

In 1832, Warren Blair purchased 80 acres of land from the United States Government. In 1833, Mr. Blair gave a portion of his land for the purpose of a burial ground. This site is located on Shook Road and was the only cemetery in Romulus.

Earliest Burials

The earliest recorded burial was on December 21, 1833, of Polly Pullens, the wife of Jenks Pullens. Jenks Pullens served in the New York Militia war in 1812. In 1836, Ira S Hall came to Romulus; he served in the war of 1812 and died June 20, 1859. In 1877, Warren Blair's son sold the cemetery, at that time there were 170 burials. Through the years the property has changed hands several times. In 1883, Charlotte Davis purchased the property and records show that Rufus Crossman purchased the property and created an addition to the south side property in 1893.

Robert Monomus, born in 1847, was the last known Civil War Veteran buried in the cemetery. He was only 14 years old when he enlisted in the One Hundred and Second (102nd) United States Colored Troops Union's Black Unit. He was 94 years of age at the time of his death on May 14, 1942. There are 25 Civil War Veterans buried in the Romulus Memorial Cemetery.

Also buried in the Romulus Memorial Cemetery is Charles Cawetzka. Charles served in the Spanish American War and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions during the Philippine-American War.

Adopted Name Change

This Historical site was still named Blair Cemetery as late as 1889. On December 7, 1901, at the request of SR. Kingsley and R.C. Bird, the Romulus Township Board adopted a resolution to take charge of the cemetery. Expansions took place in the South section in 1921, the West section in 1947, and the North section in 1957.

Historical Landmark & Board Creation

In 1989, the Romulus Historical Society applied for and was granted the approval to designate the Romulus Memorial Cemetery as a historical landmark.

In November 2009, the first Cemetery Board of Trustees was appointed by Mayor Alan Lambert.