Garage/Yard Sale

Garage sale means and includes all general sales, open to the public, conducted from or on a residential premise in any residential zone, as defined by the zoning ordinance, for the purpose of disposing of personal property including, but not limited to, all sales entitled "garage," "lawn," "yard," "attic," "porch," "room," "backyard," "flea market," "patio," or "rummage" sale. This definition shall not include a situation where no more than five specific items are held out for sale and all advertisement of such sale specifically names those items to be sold.

Residents may apply and be permitted up to 3 Garage Sales per year, for 3 consecutive days. The Citywide Garage/Yard Sales are not included in the annual limit. 

Each Garage Sale Permit costs $5.00  ------> Click here to pay the permit fee online.

Contact the Clerk's Office for more details: (734) 942-7540 or [email protected].


  1. Three consecutive days - no split weekends


    Per the Romulus Code of Ordinance, Chapter 46, Article III, Section 46-117 - "No more than three such permits may be issued to one residence or family household during any calendar year"

    The fee for a garage sale permit is $5.00.

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    I affirm that the property/items to be sole is my own personal property and was either acquired or consigned for purposes of resale.

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