Alley/Street Vacation

Chapter 14, Section 14.2 of the Romulus City Charter and Article I, Chapter 52, Section 52-1 of the City Code of Ordinance sets forth the process/procedure for the Romulus City Council to consider the vacation of a street or alley.

There is a $200.00 Administrative Fee for this process.

Please review the Street-Alley Vacation Flow Chart, under Related Documents, for a step-by-step guide to vacating a street or alley.

Maps are available in the Assessor's Office - (734) 942-7520.

Please utilize the below application to begin.

For more information, please contact the Clerk's Office at (734) 942-7540 or via email at [email protected].

Related Documents

Petitioner's Request to Vacate Street/Alley

  1. Maps are available in the Assessor's Office

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