What does the TIFA Do?

The TIFA is authorized to plan and propose the construction, renovation, repair, and improvements to public facilities in the development area. The TIFA does this through a Development Plan and Tax Increment Finance Plan that is approved by the TIFA Board and the City Council. The TIFA Plans sets forth the different types of activities and public facilities that the TIFA intends to pay for over the life of the Plan, which is usually 20 to 30 years.

The types of public facilities the TIFA can construct include a street, plaza, or pedestrian mall, and any improvements to a street, plaza, boulevard, alley or pedestrian mall, including street furniture and beautification, park, parking facility, recreation facility, playground, school, library, public institution or administration building, right-of-way, structure, waterway, bridge, lake, pond, canal, utility line or pipeline, and other similar facilities and necessary easements of these facilities designated and dedicated to use by the public generally or used by a public agency.

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1. What is the TIFA?
2. What does the TIFA Do?
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