Why are people measuring and photographing my property?

The City of Romulus is conducting re-inspections for every property in the City over a period of five years. Part of updating the Department of Assessment records requires an exterior measurement of the home/building as well as measurements of any improvement on the property. A photograph is taken for City records and for informational purposes. The photo will be extremely beneficial not only to assist the Department of Assessment, but also as a reference for taxpayers, realtors, and appraisers. The State of Michigan requires the Department of Assessment records to be as detailed and up to date as possible.

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1. Why are people measuring and photographing my property?
2. Will everything on my property be measured and inspected?
3. When will the results of the inspections affect my tax bill?
4. When will I be able to see the results of the re-inspection?
5. Do you need to go in my backyard?
6. Do you need to come inside my home?
7. How will I identify city employees?
8. What if I made no changes to the property since it was purchased?
9. How can you assess for something that is not attached to my home?
10. What is going to add value to the assessment and what is not?
11. Does this have anything to do with my Principal Residence Exemption?
12. Is there any way to protest the inspection and/or what is found?