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2022 Pumpkin Festival Vendor Application

  1. 2022 Pumpkin Festival Vendor Application

    This form is for you to be considered as a vendor for the 2022 Pumpkin Festival. If you are considered, you will be contacted for further information and payment.

  2. Application for Consideration

    Application for consideration must be filled out completely.  All information must be current.  All applicants must qualify under applicable state, county and city laws and regulations and obtain all required permits, licenses and certifications.

  3. Use of Space

    All items to be sold must be listed on the application for consideration.  Any items not listed will not be allowed to be sold.  The Pumpkin Festival Committee reserves the right of total control over all items offered for sale.  If you are asked to remove an item that you offer for sale, you MUST comply or risk immediate dismissal without a refund.  There is to be no walking up and down the streets selling goods or distributing literature.

  4. Health

    Be prepared to pass Health Department Inspection. Any food vendor that fails a Health Inspection will not be allowed to participate and their contract will be terminated without any refunds.

  5. Liability

    NO INSURANCE IS PROVIDED by the Romulus DDA, the Pumpkin Festival Committee or the City of Romulus.  The Romulus DDA, the Pumpkin Festival Committee and/or the City of Romulus shall NOT be liable for loss or damage to exhibits or their contents or for any injuries to exhibitors.  All food and entertainment vendors must provide insurance in the amount of ONE MILLION DOLLARS, with the Romulus DDA, the Pumpkin Festival Committee, the City of Romulus and participating property owners named as insured parties.

  6. Fire Safety- A note from the fire chief
    • ‘No Smoking” signs shall be posted.
    • All cooking areas shall have a minimum of (1) 10# chemical weight ABC fire extinguisher.
    • No open flame or other devices emitting flame, fire or hear, or any flammable or combustible liquids, gas, charcoal or other cooking devices shall not be permitted inside or to be located within 20 feet of any tent, canopy or air structure.
    • Cooking that produces a spark or grease-laden vapors shall be within a structure that contains an approved UL300 fire suppression system.   This system shall be services by an approved contractor every 6 months.
    • All UL300 systems shall have a “K” extinguisher in addition to the 10# ABC extinguisher.
    • All outdoor cooking shall be separated from public areas and access restricted to cooking personnel only.
  7. Miscellaneous

    All food vendors must comply with MI Cottage Food Law, Kitchen Licensing, Health Department License, Food Truck Inspection, Romulus Fire Department, and Wayne County Health Department. More info can be found here.

  8. Vendor Information
  9. Vendor Type*
  10. Do you accept credit/debit cards?*
  11. Do you accept Electronic Bridge Cards (EBT)?*
  12. Do you need water hook-up? (only available on Friday)*
  13. Do you need electricty? (only available on Friday)*
  14. If your trailer hitch is facing North, where is your service window located?*
  15. Booth Set-Up

    We will require all food and commercial trailers to be here on Friday, September 16, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. Small food booths will not set-up until all food trailers are in place (approximately 4:00 p.m.).  Set-up is in assigned spaces only.  If an early set-up time is needed, please let the Food Coordinator know by September 9, 2022.    

  16. Food Vendor Days*
  17. Crafter, Merchandise, Non-profit vendors*
  18. The deadline for consideration is August 12, 2022. If accepted, a letter will be a mailed to you no later then August 19th, 2022. If not accepted, your check will be returned.

  19. The City of Romulus Downtown Development Authority reserves the right to deny any and all vendors who do not show valid proof of compliance 

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