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2022 Sounds in Downtown Vendor Application

  1. 2022 Sounds in Downtown Vendor Application

    This form is for you to be considered as a vendor for Sounds in Downtown. If you are considered, you will be contacted for further information and payment.

  2. Vendor Information
  3. Are you a food truck?*
  4. Do you accept credit/debit cards?*
  5. Do you accept Electronic Bridge Cards (EBT)?*
  6. Dates

    Check all the dates that you will be in in attendance. Vendor fees due by 6:00 pm on each date you choose to attend. Full Season rate must be paid in full by first market date.

  7. Market Rates*
  8. Dates 7:00-9:30 pm*
  9. The City of Romulus Downtown Development Authority reserves the right to deny any and all vendors who do not show valid proof of compliance 

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